FItness Classes

"Amazing! Greatest workout classes around! Only three months in and I have a whole new body! Love it at ProEdge" 

- Syndey H.



"You know you love a gym and the workout you get when you look forward to going there three times a week no matter how cold it is out."

- Anne Louise Desrosiers

Not Your Typical Boot Camps or Fitness Classes

We aren’t here just to make you sweat and do repetitive exercises for months at a time. Anyone can make someone tired, not everyone can make someone better. We can make you better – through science-based training proven to get results.

ProEdge fitness classes are designed to focus on all areas of your fitness and performance. We keep our fitness class sizes small to allow you to get the attention you need and to create that community vibe that makes our facility different from those big box gyms.

Check our schedule to see when our fitness classes are offered.



Our Flagship class! A complete athletic training class dedicated to developing your athletic potential. TRX, sleds, ropes, kettlebells, parachutes, ladders, free weights, plyo boxes – all the tools the pros use. Classes are scaled to fit individual fitness levels and programmed to progress each week so you keep improving and keep seeing results.


You know that it takes an athlete to run a family. Athletic training is all about getting the most performance out of your body and keeping energy levels high. Our progressive functional class is specifically designed to help you meet the daily demands on your body and reap the fortunate byproduct of looking and feeling your best.

EdgeBootcamp- 45minutes

We are redefining bootcamps with this class that not only gets you sweating but is also focused on improving your overall fitness. Core training, muscle toning, weight loss, and improve cardio all in one class and in only 45min! From beginner to advanced exercisers everyone can get the results they want and the challenge they need to reach their goals. 


A development class for young athletes and kids looking to improve their athletic performance and fitness. This class is geared towards building fundementals, coordination, speed, agility and general conditioning for youth 8-12yrs old. Regardless of goals or current fitness level, this is a great class to set a proper foundation for a long term athletic and fitness development.

EdgeYouth Performance

A youth athletic training class dedicated to developing your athletic potential. TRX, sleds, ropes, kettlebells, parachutes, ladders, free weights, plyo boxes – all the tools the pros use. Classes are designed for youth athletes age 13-17 looking to enhance their athletic performance.

EdgeMobility and Flexibility

Mobility and Flexibility is a thing that is often neglected but is vital to move properly and prevent injury. Spend 45 minutes stretching out and mobilizing your body and you will feel the benefits both within your exercise routine and in everyday life.


While kickboxing classes are rigorous and often challenging, we gear our classes to all age groups and skill sets. We also offer non-contact classes so you get all the benefits of being a fighter – without the bruises. Whether you’re a seasoned kickboxer, a beginner, or simply want an exciting (and safe!) full-body workout, our kickboxing class is worth a shot. 

EdgeHIIT - 45minutes

Get your heart racing with our high intensity interval training class. By working at high intensity your body has to not only work hard during the class but also well after the class is done. This means your body turns into a calorie burning machine for hours after you leave, maximizing your results! An all over workout in just 45 minutes, perfect for your lunch break or getting in an effective quick workout at the end of the day.


This weightlifting class is all about builing strength and improving your core lifts. We also include Olympic lifts for those advanced enough or those wanting to learn and the accessory work that goes along with being an effective lifter. Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists are also NCCP Olympic lifting certified ensure quality of instruction to the highest standard.