The ProEdge Facility

A state of the art facility designed with the athlete in mind. #Trainlikeapro

Team Training/Strength & Conditioning Classes

  • 2 turf training areas encompassing 1,800 + sq ft
  • 12 fully stocked custom-built half racks containing:
  • trx, balance boards, bosu, incline/decline bench, resistance bands, strength bands, bumper plates and more
  • Battle ropes
  • Sleds/prowler
  • Speed harnesses
  • Competition kettlebells
  • Foam plyo boxes
  • Spin bikes
  • Slam balls, wall balls, and medicine balls

Semi-Private and Personal Training

  • 3 different Keiser machines (pneumatic resistance training tools for performance training)
  • Functional trainer cable stack
  • Olympic lifting platforms with bumper plates
  • 5 fully stocked power racks
  • 4-stack cable machine
  • Bands/tubing
  • TRX
  • Concept 2 rowers
  • Airdynes
  • Assortment of balls and balance training tools and strength training essentials

Skill training zone/ shooting gallery

  • 800 sqft shooting gallery
  • 32ft shooting screen with multiple shooting targets
  • Synthetic ice pads for stick handling, passing and shooting
  • Various stick handling and passing aids
  • Glide boards for skating stride

Performance testing equipment

  • Laser timers
  • Agility lights
  • Vertical jump mat
  • Power output testing equipment

MMA training area

  • 800sqft of 1.5inch professional MMA mats
  • Zebra Muay Thai heavy bags
  • Hayabusa Thai pads and kick shields