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ProEdge is the premier athletic training facility in Nova Scotia, with state of the art equipment all geared towards building better athletes. Our coaches are highly qualified, certified, and have experience competing and coaching at a high level. Using science based training, long term athletic development, and proven results, ProEdge has helped athletes develop their athletic potential from Novice to Pro. #Trainlikeapro #AthleteEngineering

#OFFSZN18 Hockey Camps

Hockey off-season is here! This is the time to get faster, stronger, and improve all around performance.

Development program starting at $249.99  High performance starting at $449.99

ProEdge has become the premier facility for off-season hockey training for Nova Scotia’s top hockey players, come find out why! With the most comprehensive programs for all levels from development to high performance, ProEdge will help you achieve your athletic potential and stand out season.

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Training Options

Athletic Membership

Starting at $144.99/month
If you are an athlete you know the value of great coaching. Our athletic membership not only gives you access to a facility designed specifically for athletic training, but also gets you a world class program and coaching. All the benefits of personal training, at half the price: A personalized training program
and one-on- one coaching, with free classes and open gym access included. This is the perfect fit for athletes of all sports looking to maximize their performance.

Small group training

Train with your teammates, share the cost, and help push each to bring out your best. Our small group training sessions are specific to the needs of the group and are small enough to get plenty of one on one coaching in the process. With sessions starting as little as $12. 37 per athlete this is an incredible value that yields great results!

Youth Classes

Give your young athlete the edge. These classes focus on the fundamentals of athleticism and are the perfect starting point. Key areas of focus: speed, power, balance and co-ordination, agility and conditioning. We offer Fundamentals (6-8) Development (9-12) Youth Performance ( 13 – 17yrs).

Bring Your Team to Peak Performance

ProEdge is the only facility in HRM designed specifically to optimize sports teams’ performance. We give you our commitment, knowledge and the most advanced training techniques and equipment in Atlantic Canada.

Personal Training

The best athletes expect the best coaches, and so should you! Let our NSCA-certified strength coaches build you a program using our sport-specific performance test, full movement screen, and science backed training programs. Get a group of teammates together or opt for one-on-one attention.

Open Gym Membership

Starting at $49.99
Have your own program you want to do? Or just want to add some solo training to your other programs? Come use our state-of- the-art facility with access to a wide variety of equipment to maximize your performance.

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ProEdge has worked with athletes of almost every sport, if you don’t see something here that seems to fit yours, contact us and we’ll work with you to develop a program to fit your needs and goals.

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