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Get more out of your workouts, whatever your fitness level. 

ProEdge has helped hundreds of people lose weight, build muscle,  and improve overall fitness. Our programs are proven to work and we can make them work for your busy schedule.  

After attending a few fitness classes at ProEdge I promptly cancelled my other "big box" gym membership because I was sold! The trainers are extremely supportive and knowledgeable and are genuinely invested in helping you to achieve your goals. The fitness classes are always different and challenging and make you feel like you're training like an athlete, even if you aren't' one! I highly recommend checking it out!

Christine Smith

ProEdge classes are unlike your traditional gym.

Our Coaches use a hands on approach to teach you how to get the most out of all aspects of your training.

Find out why hundreds of people have used our classes to achieve incredible results! Some losing as much as 30lbs in 30 days!

Come try a free class and see why we are 3x winners of the Halifax Coast Awards in the category of Best Gym.

Why science-based training? This simply means we use training proven to get results! "Anyone can make you sweat, not everyone can make you better."

Strength, Endurance, Performance, Mobility, Compete, Women's only, we have class types for everyone of all levels and goals & plenty of classes times.

Check out our class options here!
ProEdge is a great place to get the results you want. Their team will work with you to get you the best options to get there and they are always encouraging and supportive. Their classes are great and can be as challenging as you want to make them. I highly recommend giving this place a try!!! I have been a member since January. Started out slow but I always was given that pep talk to keep going and never give up. With help from their nutritionist and my coach Shea and their team with classes I started seeing results and getting stronger. In the last month they held a 30 day challenge that included a meal plan and use of their gym and classes the results were amazing. I lost 12lbs 2% body fat and a few inches. Love this place.

Heather Giles

The ProEdge Transformation Challenge

Halifax's most effective transformation program with hundreds of results to prove it!

To see massive changes is a short time you need the right team and the right programs, we've put it to the test and created your ultimate program!

We've had self proclaimed couch potatoes, beginners, intermediate, and even advanced exercisers all get incredible results.

We give you everything you need and cost value that just can't be matched. 30-day membership, 30-day nutrition plan, & our full support throughout!

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What we offer

Fitness Classes

5 class intro pack only $29.99 Effective, professionally designed, results-based training. Our classes are great for all levels and are proven to get results. #TrainlikeanAthelte

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Customized Online Training app

All the benefits of personal training, at a fraction of the price: A personalized training program, an easy to use app, full access to your own strength coach, and the flexibility to train where and when you want. We have 3 package options to give you the flexibility you need to meet your need and match your budget. 

Online Training

Personal Training

Proven to be the most effective way of getting results, personal training at ProEdge is bar none in Atlantic Canada. With highly qualified professional coaches focused 100% on getting your results in the safest, fastest and most effective way possible. We all struggle to make time for ourselves and to reach our fitness goals, let our coaches give you all the tools and motivation you need to meet and exceed your goals. #Trainlikeapro

Open Gym Membership

Starting at $39.99* Come use our state-of- the-art facility with access to a wide variety of equipment you won’t find in your typical commercial gym.   *student pricing


Fuel your fitness and maximize results. Fitness extends beyond the gym and ProEdge wants to help you get the support your need in both. Our nutrtion programs are supported by our in-house Registered Dietician with options for all goals and fitness levels. 



Don’t see the training program you’re looking for?

Our mission is to make Nova Scotia healthy and fit again, if you don’t see something here that fits you let us know and we’ll work with you to meet your needs. Contact Us