ProEdge Team


Pat Busby – B.Sc. HKin, NSCA-CSCS

The Co-Founder and Director of Sports Conditioning, Pat has been a key part of developing the training programs offered at ProEdge over the last 5 years.

Training top hockey athletes such as Drake Batherson, Luke Green, Evan Fitzpatrick, Egor Sokolov, and over a dozen QMJHL athletes, Pat has extensive knowledge building athletes up to an elite level.  Beyond hockey, Pat has trained top athletes in various sports including soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, ringette and more.  His focus has always been on developing fundamental athleticism with emphasis on improved movement, this has given him the tools to make an impact on athletic performance in athletes of any sport.

Growing up playing every sport he could, Pat earned Athlete of the Year in high school playing Hockey, Soccer, golf, track and even badminton. This obsession with sport lead to a fascination with movement and ultimately motivated him to get his Bachelor’s in Human Kinetics. Now living out his dream of owning and running a strength and conditioning facility, it is his passion for athletics that is the driving force behind ProEdge’s pursuit of excellence in training.

Carlos Meza, NSCA- CPT

Carlos Meza is one of the Co-founders and Director of Operations at ProEdge. The Strength Coach for some of Atlantic Canada’s top combat athlete, Carlos has spent the last 8 years training athletes, fitness clients and helping to build what is now the largest athletic training company in Nova Scotia.

A Certified Personal Trainer with the NSCA holding nearly a dozen certifications in various aspects of training such as; Fascial Stretch Therapy, Olympic Weightlifting,  Heart Rate Training Specialist etc., Carlos brings a wide variety of skills and experience to the ProEdge team.

A lifelong martial artist, outdoorsman, traveller, and Ironman 70.3 finisher, Carlos has always had a passion for fitness and athletics. This passion combined with a true desire to make a difference in the way athletes train here in Nova Scotia has helped create the ProEdge of today.

Shea Lenehan – B.A Hkin, NSCA – CSCS

A Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach for the last 4 years, Shea has been a big part of making ProEdge the facility it is today.

Olympic weightlifting coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, 5 years CIS running back for St. FX, and former MFL League’s MVP. Shea brings a wealth of knowledge of athletics from the perspective of both an athlete and coach. Developing and leading many of the programs at ProEdge, Shea has helped improve the fitness and performance in recreation to elite athletes as well as many of our fitness clients.

Recent winner of silver for “Best Trainer” in the Best of Halifax Awards, Shea is a standout coach that contributes a great deal to the culture of ProEdge and why ProEdge is a 3x winner in the category of “Best Gym”. #Gamechanger

Andre Lefebvre – Head of Hockey Development

The PROEDGE Hockey Training Centre’s Head of Hockey Development, Andre’s key role is to develop, oversee and run our skill training programs.

Andre has been coaching for over 15 years in various leagues including; NSMBHL, NSMMHL, AUS, MHL, as well as the Nova Scotia High-Performance Program, and recently apart of Hockey Canada U17 National selection camp.

With extensive experience as an athlete (drafted to Val d’Or of the QMJHL), as a coach, and years of experience as a scout for the QMJHL, Andre brings a keen eye for what it takes to be a great hockey player and a strong skill set to help athletes reach that next level.

Daniel Planke – NSCA- CPT

A Coach at ProEdge for the last 2 years, Daniel has become the most prominent strength and conditioning coach in Nova Scotia for Ringette. Training the vast majority of competitive ringette teams, including our provincial teams, Daniel has helped to develop the level of atheism on a local and national level for these athletes.

Also training athletes of all levels in hockey, soccer, basketball, curling, volleyball, figure skating, martial arts, and the list goes on, Daniel brings a diverse skill set to the ProEdge team. Playing AAA hockey growing up in Newfoundland culminating in being drafted to the MHL, he knows what it takes to get the most out of sports while keeping a focus on what sports is truly about, fun.

Janessa Klatt – B.HKin, NSCA-CSCS

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Bachelors in Kinesiology, 2x representative of Canada in the Pan-American games, 2x Canada Games competitor, and 5 year CIS track and field athlete, clearly shows the wealth of knowledge and experience Janessa brings to the ProEdge team. Coaching at ProEdge since 2017, Janessa is an enthusiastic coach that brings competitive drive and passion to the athletes and fitness members of ProEdge. Her recent win in the category of “Best Fitness Instructor” in the Best of Halifax Awards speaks to the support Janessa has as a coach and the impact she makes here at ProEdge.

Janessa is also a recent qualifier for the Sprint Triathlon World Championships in Switzerland, a testament to her continued pursuit of excellence in not only her clients but also herself.