Fitness Classes

Bring your fitness to the next level! 

We aren’t here just to make you sweat and do repetitive exercises for months at a time. Anyone can make someone tired, not everyone can make someone better. We can make you better – through science-based training proven to get results. 

You know you love a gym and the workout you get when you look forward to going there three times a week no matter how cold it is out.

Anne Louise Desrosiers

Classes that will work on every aspect of your fitness

A holistic approach to fitness

Our award winning gym has built a supportive commnity that is here to help you improve

50+ classes weekly

Highly qualified, award winning, professional coaches

Classes and support for all levels of fitness


Train like an athlete! Improve every aspect of your fitness whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, or just looking for a complete full body approach to fitness. Speed, agility, power, strength, all aspects of your performance that will help bring your fitness to the next level! #trainlikeapro


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Just like the title says, come to sweat! Non-stop action with a variety of training styles focused on muscular endurance, cardio, and core. 




Build real strength! Progressive, safe, and structured to bring big results wherever you want to take it, no matter what level you’re starting from.


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Compete with yourself and others in the class to push your limits! All level welcome but come ready to give it all you’ve got. A variety of challenges each week focusing on various areas of your fitness all set to pushing your strength and conditioning to the limits!




Learn, improve, recover! Our classes are focused on injury prevention, making you move better and getting you ready for your next workout.


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Fighters are some of the fittest people on the planet, find out why! In this high-intensity class, you learn real fundamentals, from one of the worlds best fighters TJ Grant. Don’t worry we leave the full contact for our Muay Thai Classes so you’re safe here ; )



Athletic training is all about getting the most performance out of your body and keeping energy levels high. Our progressive functional class is specifically designed to help you meet the daily demands on your body and reap the fortunate byproduct of looking and feeling your best.


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First class is FREE!

5 class Intro Punch Pass: $29.99 (new members one-time purchase)                             

Monthly Fitness Memberships Include:

  • Unlimited classes
  • Free open gym access 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Weekends.
  • Members-only forum to support you on your journey and keep you up to date on things in the club
  • Exclusive discounts at partner companies Supplement King Bedford location, and  Sportwheels for all your sporting good needs. 

 (15%  discount for students)

All class schedules and offerings are subject to change based on demand and season. 

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