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Developing Athletic Potential

  • Spring Leaning!

    30 Day FItness Challenge Starts April 19th! Get lean and Win 1 year of free personalized training if you have the biggest trasnformation. Only $97 or $48 each if you bring a friend!

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  • Unlimited Personalized Training Sale! 20% off now starting at only $149.99/month!

    U-Sport, NCAA, QMJHL, Youth athletes, and Adults programs. unlimited access to open gym, classes, and one on one attention.

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  • Plenty of options for youth/students

    Small groups, Classes, Youth open gym, Unlimited Personalized Training

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  • More youth classes and options as well as more variety in classes for everyone!

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  • Semi-Private training

    Unlimited personalized training starting at only $149.99. The future of training is here! As effective as personal training but at a fraction of the cost. Additional 20% off this month on student and adult pricing.

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Jaden Griffin

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