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Your knowledge of sports training, conditioning and performance is unparalleled in Atlantic Canada. As a bonus, your facility is world-class and unrivalled in this market.

Organizing Committee, College Hockey Atlantic Combine

Everything about ProEdge is geared toward building better, healthier athletes.

Train on the latest sports-specific equipment designed for professional athletes.

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Work with Atlantic Canada’s top coaches to reach your athletic potential.

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NEW ProEdge Hockey Training Centre

Cutting edge training with old school work ethic

  • Shooting Gallery- 20 ft synthetic shooting pad, full size nets, radar guns
  • Skills zone – 144sqft synthetic pad for stick handling and passing drills
  • Stride training aids, balance and coordination equipment
  • 30 yards turf for training – speed, agility, and first step explosiveness

Training for: Teams, Small groups, Skill programs, In-season training programs.

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Official Rivalus Training Facility

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ProEdge Athletes

Drake Batherson

Alex Drover

Evan Fitzpatrick

Lucas Fitzpatrick

Alex Grant

Luke Green

Matt Green

Tyler Hinam

Joey "La La" Laviolette

Shaun Miller

Mike O'leary

Bailey Peach

Wyatt Sanford

Zach Sill

Evan Mackinnon

Gavin Tucker

Garret Festerling

Yegor Sokolov

Sean Stewart

Jake Stewart

Chris Kelades